Tomato-zucchini salad with basil oil


The summer is still going strong in Berlin, and any cooking on the stove continues to be a big NO.

Salads like this one are perfect, just a little bit of cutting and mixing and then your ready to eat in 5 minutes!

All the tomatoes I used here comes from my balcony where I have two tomato plants that gives me a lot of sweet tasting tomatoes.

The zucchini I brought all the way from Bolzano, we spend one night in a house in the mountains and there they had a little vegetable garden, and I was allowed to harvest anything i wanted. The zucchini was so beautiful and they had plenty of it, So I took some with me back home to Berlin.

Adjust the amount of the ingredients depending on how many you want to serve. Mix olive oil with some chopped basil, salt pepper and a little bit of garlic (add some drops of lemon/vinegar if you like some extra acidity). Cut your tomatoes and thinly slice your zucchini.

Put everything together in a salad bowl, pour the basil oil over and finish with some parmesan cheese on the top.

Et voila!

tomatsallad klar

My contribute to the season harvest challenge for Gröna skafferiet. Tomato and zucchini salad.


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