Harvest Pesto with radish leaf


I love living in the city, but I also love the idea of living in the country side in a cute house with my own garden. However I’m a city girl born and raised and I think I would get lappsjukan if I lived in a small city/village. That’s why I’m so happy to have an apartment with not only one but two balconies(!!). It’s perfect because on one I only plant beautiful and colorful flowers and on the second one strictly edible things. So I have enough of space and don’t have to compromise on what to plant.

I started to plant some vegetables and herbs a month ago and the first thing to get ready was my radishes. What not everyone might know is that the green leaves on the radish also taste very good and that it is such a waste to throw it away. I’m a big fan of pesto, which might be noticed since already two or three recipes here contains pesto. The pesto from the radish leaves is similar to pesto made of ruccola, it it has a little bitter and peppery taste.

One of my favorite food blog Det gröna skafferiet  suggested to make a recipe of something you harvest in june and make it a blog post, so I did. Here it is…

Harvest Pesto

Handfull of radish leaves

Handfull of roasted almonds

1 small garlic clove

tbsp parmesan cheese

Salt & pepper

Olive oil

Roast your almonds in a dry pan, meanwhile rinse and dry your radish green. Put in a blender with the garlic clove and mix to a smooth paste. Whisk the olive oil and parmesan in to the mix and finish with salt and pepper to taste. I used about 50ml of olive oil here, but you can add more if you like your pesto more runny.


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